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Tree trimming is as much an art as it is a science. Knowing exactly where, when and how to cut is critical to the health and to the appearance of a tree.

Good tree care is multifaceted. It involves protecting your tree from disease, watering appropriately, not ignoring its root structure and maintaining balanced branches.

Just as we take our cars for periodic oil changes, and our kids to the doctor for check ups, our trees also need regular attention in the form of professional tree care. Tree care involves making sure that your trees are free from disease and protected from harmful insects. Checking that our trees are properly nourished and that they are neither under nor overwatered is another element of tree care. A tree’s root structure is too often ignored yet it is a key indicator of tree health and another part of good tree care. Perhaps the most critical facet of tree care is professional trimming to maintain balance and insure proper growth.

Brush is fuel for fire. Strict Fire Department codes regulating brush clearance across Southern California exist to insure public safety and cannot be taken lightly. The idea of brush clearance is to create a defensible perimeter around structures in which firefighters can work to protect buildings from ignition. Brush clearance also helps to prevent fire from spreading from structures to the surrounding wild area.

Tree stump grinding is a good alternative to traditional – and more abrasive - stump removal. Although some folks may be tempted to skip this stump step, it is important if one intends to do fresh planting in the area. The stump grinding equipment takes out as much of the stump to which there is access. And a useful byproduct of stump grinding is mulch which can be used in other garden areas.

Pruning takes place to remove obstructing, dead or diseased lower branches, decrease a tree’s height, thin the crown of a tree to allow for new growth and improved air circulation, or to simply contour a tree to a particular shape. Improper pruning can cause serious problems and even death to a tree, while proper pruning will insure that a young tree grows strong and that mature trees stay healthy.